Buying Property in Mexico

There are three ways that foreigners can
purchase land (and homes) in the San Felipe area.

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With the North American Free Trade Agreement beginning onJanuary 1, 1994, the Foreign Investment Act of 1993 was passed by the Mexican Congress to promote foreign investment into Mexico. This law allowed foreigners to own 100% of the shares of a corporation and purchase property. As a foreigner, you can acquire irrevocable and absolute ownership rights to property in Mexico through a 50-year, perpetually irrevocable, and transferable Fideicomiso Trust. This enabled foreigners, as beneficiaries of the trusts, to legally enjoy unrestricted use of land located in the restricted area.

Owning land in Mexico under a Fideicomiso Trust gives you the right to use, enjoy, lease, improve, sell, profit, inherit, and will the property.


Ejido land is land set aside by the Mexican government to be used by
communities mostly for farming. The Ejido nearest to San Felipe has a perfect view of the Sea of Cortez. Each plot of land (40 meters X 40 meters) was given to Mexican citizens in a lottery system. Each Mexican citizen has full property rights. In this particular Ejido, Mexican citizens have the right to sell their land to Americans and Canadians, giving the new property owner full rights to the land. This is why it is so important to buy Ejido land through the Ejido office. Once the property has been transferred to the new owners, the paperwork is signed by the Ejidotaries and is filed in Mexicali.

Any past problems that people have had in other Ejidos were due to the fact that they did not go through the Ejido office; they dealt directly with the land owner, and the land owner changed their mind and wanted more money. Always go through the Ejido office!
There are several satisfied Americans living in the EPNA.

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Leased Land

Leased land can be very affordable. Only purchase your lease from a trusted member of the community. There are several here in San Felipe. The homes on leased land are closest to the beaches. The homes are very good vacation and retirement homes.


The first rule of any property purchase in Mexico is always to work with a Real Estate Brokerage firm. Purchasing property in Mexico is different than in other parts of the world, and a professional Real Estate Agent is your safest way to success.

We are here to protect your investment and ensure that you are satisfied with your transaction. Our evaluation of a potential property of interest will guide you to determine if that is the right investment for you. Your best interest is our primary concern.

We take the time to show you how Mexico's real estate transactions function and how the supporting legal system has responded to the industry's needs. It is essential that you have an idea of how this system works and what to expect when considering an investment in Mexico.

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