Fishing in the Sea of Cortez
A man holding a fish on the boat

The fishing is great on the Sea of Cortez! One of the big questions people ask is, "Can I bring my boat?" Well, the answer is yes! Bring your boat so you can get the most out of your stay. There is no cost to bring your boat across the border....Baja is a 'free zone', but you will need the boat title and trailer registration. As of the 1st of this month, your Passport is also required, assuming you'd like to go back home after your trip.

The San Felipe Marina has 15 slips, facilities, and fuel(you might need some!), and it doesn't hurt to make a reservation before you come because some weekends are busier than others. Fishing??? Of course!! There's a ton of fish out there, so get a fishing license for about $10usd for the day, or $40usd a year, and make sure you don't catch anything endangered or illegal.

A lighthouse on the shore of an island.
Sea Birds

If you're not much of the fishing type, there's plenty to see. There's an island we call 'Bird Island' that's about 30 minutes away, and I hear it's very interesting. The sea is usually calm, and a peaceful boat ride can be very relaxing. Tide charts can be very useful due to reefs and rocks, so get a tide chart. The Mexico Living magazine contains a chart and is found all over town.. It's filled with tons of information and goings-on around town. We hope to see you here...Happy travels!!!!